Member meeting and Workshop 2020

Workshop on Switches for Pulsed Power Applications

French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis, Saint-Louis, France
March 02-03, 2020

Hosted by the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) in France, the annual workshop of the ISP in 2020 was focussed on switch technologies for pulsed power applications like

 • Opening and Closing Switches
 • High Power Semiconductor Switches
 • High Voltage Gas and Vacuum Switches
 • Trigger and Protection Technologies
 • Switch Cooling
 • Assemblies and Systems

The workshop was intended to provide the possibility of networking within the pulsed power community and to support the scientific/technical exchange between scientists, representatives of industry and students. The frame of the workshop provided an opportunity for closer social and technical interactions than a large conference. The workshop was accompanied by a lab tour of ISL labs (pulsed-power, railgun, clean room, laser..) and the annual member meeting of the ISP. The workshop was free of charge except dinner and lunches. The ISP sponsored the dinner for its members. The time and date of the workshop was chosen to allow participants to visit the cultural highlights of “Scheibenschlagen” (disk flinging) in Weil am Rhein on Sunday evening, the Morgenstraich (Monday 4 am) and the Guggemusic concerts (Tuesday evening) of the Carnival of Basel. Because the carnival attracts many tourists from all over the world, it was cancelled due to increasing number of corona infection cases in the region of Basel some days before the workshop. However, Scheibenschlagen was taking place.

Agenda of the workshop
Agenda of the ISP member meeting 2020

Photos of the workshop

Copyright: French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis

Workshop statistics

Number of participants: 44
Number of registrants: 49
Number of scientific talks of 25 minutes: 15

Photos of Scheibenschlagen (disc flinging)

Copyright: Maxime Gendre


Researcher at French-German Research Institute of Saint -Louis
Workshop organization and ISP treasurer
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